6 Easy ways to take care of your body (that you probably aren’t doing)

Hi Guys! I’ve given a lot of thought to my blog lately and what I want from it. I lost sight of the vision I had from the beginning. It was to help people gain happy healthy lives with the ones they love. I only hope that these tips can help you begin to live a healthy lifestyle and influence those around you to live one too!


1.) Drink 8 Glasses of water per day. Most Americans drink a sugary drink with each meal. It’s time to cut those out of your diet! They send your body into shock and leave you feeling lethargic and fatigued. The toxins and unwanted “crap” can only get flushed out of your body with water. You will see benefits in all aspects of your life just from this one step.


2.) Wake up and get moving before 7 am! It sounds nearly impossible for some, but studies show that when you get moving early you can add years to your life. So wake up each morning and stretch, walk, do yoga, or run for about 15 minutes.

3.) Take a multivitamin and not just one from the grocery store because they often include toxic chemicals. I was taking Nature Made iron for years until I found out the type of iron in the pill was actually depleting me more. I recommend Garden of Life multivitamins for women. I felt so great from taking them that I purchased my husband the mens version.


4.) Workout every other day! It will hep ease anxiety and depression and you will gain confidence. Exercise makes you look and feel great. Who doesn’t want that. Exercise¬†doesn’t always have to be gruesome, ¬†just push yourself a little harder than the time before.

  • Warm up: 5-10 minute walk/ jog
  • Stretch: 5-10 minutes
  • HAVE FUN! Lift weights, Play tennis, take a dance class, play with neighborhood kids.

5.) Eat meals consisting of 1 part fat, 2 parts protein, 3 parts carbohydrates (mostly vegetables)


6.) Cut out sugar and processed foods. Read your labels! Try not to buy anything with sugars (fructose, glucose, etc.) or more than 2-3 chemical ingredients you can’t pronounce. What is yellow #9 or calcium stearoyl-2-lactylate anyways. I know I don’t want it in my body.

There you have it. Beginning guidance on how to get your body back and gain control of your life. Are these easy enough for you to stick to? What would be your biggest issue when trying to live a healthy lifestyle? I can’t wait to bring you more tidbits on how to live happy and healthy.