Taking Stock

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Making: Inventory for my etsy shop

Cooking: Chili Dogs (one of my many pregnancy cravings)

Drinking: Water.. water.. and more water!

Reading: Don’t waste the pain by David Lyons and Linda Lyons Richardson

Wanting: Some new organic makeup!

Looking: at too much tv! 80s & 90s sitcoms are my “thing”

Playing: Hay Day on the iPad

Wasting: time watching so much tv … haha ;)

Wishing: my family would get out to Austin to visit me soon!

Enjoying: A simple life before baby comes

Waiting: on baby Bray to be born!

Liking: GOOGLE +

Wondering: How my sweet little boy is going to look and what he’ll be like (I am already obsessed with him and he isn’t even here yet!)

Loving: Living in a bigger city

Hoping: To settle down at a church here soon.

Marveling: at my body’s ability to grow a human

Needing: more friends in Austin!

Smelling: my new candle from Marshalls

Wearing: MATERNITY CLOTHES! ( I am too big for anything I owned pre-pregnancy)  :(

Thinking: about the future- going back to school etc.

Bookmarking: Pinterest recipes

Feeling: giddy about the future!

Copy and paste in the comment section and fill this out with your own answers! I’d love to hear back from you!

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Summer Bucket List

Summer 2013 To-Do List

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1.) Summer concert!

2.) Picnic @ the park.

3.) POOOOOL!!!

4.) watch fireworks

5.) Read a good book

6.) Go to the farmers market

7.) Visit a new place in Shreveport

8.) Have/ Go to a Barbecue!

9.) Snow- Cone days

10.) Breakfast outside

11.) Baseball game with C.

12.) Homemade Donuts =)

13.) Family Pictures- Including our sweet & slightly crazy dog Diesel

14.) Fishing

15.) Wash the car ourselves

16.) Game Night

17.) Movie Night

18.) Sonic Happy Hour!!

19.) Paint

20.) Spend time at the library

21.) Go to a Festival in town

22.) A mini getaway!


I put together a list of a few things I must do this summer. Each year I get so busy, time gets away from me and I forget to do some of the things I really wanted to do. So this is my first Summer Bucket List & I can’t wait to mark each one off!! I will be adding things as I go, but this is it for now. So what about you, do you make a bucket list for the summer or do you just wing it? What are some of your favorite things to do on those long summer days? I would love to hear!