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5 things for fall

5 things for fall

Don’t give up// Words of Encouragement

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The past few weeks/ months have been very discouraging for me. I have no idea where my life goes from here. I’m somewhat having a “quarter life crisis”. Sometimes I think.. maybe I’m too old to start dancing again, gosh I should have stayed in school, etc. etc. It just gets hard!! It’s life.

BUT, I WILL NOT GIVE UP! I refuse. And you really shouldn’t either because it will never be too late to do something you love. Start a blog or a new job, go back to school, pick up a new hobby. Don’t let others or yourself hold you back.

The bible says “You do not have, because you do not ask.” We must ask the Lord to send us what it is we want from our life but ultimately seek to fulfill the plans he has for us. Tonight, I will be praying for just that and I would love my readers to do the same! It is never too late!





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Life, styled- Cozy summer days!

The hot weather has officially rolled in and I am loving it. Spending my days in sundresses and shorts, picnic-ing with the hubs, and snacking on delicious fruit are some of my favorite ways to spend those lazy summer days. This is my go-dress for this weather. It’s perfect for shopping, to throw over a swimsuit, or to even lounge around in like a sloth.DSC_0157 DSC_0164

DSC_0166 Here I paired it with some vintage boots that I scored at an auction! I absolutely in love with them and they will probably make several appearances in the future. I also decided to wear one of my favorite scarves from Target and an Old Navy bag. I choose to wear what makes me happy. When shopping pick pieces that no matter how many times you wear it you feel great in it. Which of your summer clothes are waiting to be refreshed this summer? DSC_0168

Fill your days with laughter and great memories. Live Simple. Be Happy!



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Fall Products I’m Crushing On- Each Under $30

Many people assume that they must have every trendy piece they find in order to stay stylish each season. This will most likely land you without very much money for anything else. I’ve compiled a few items that I have had my eyes on and ways that they can enhance your wardrobe this season. Added bonus- They are each under $30 so your bank account won’t suffer.

#1. These ankle booties from would pair great with fall dresses and tights.


Red Lipstick is simply essential when the chilly weather hits.


The detail on these leggings would make me feel great while wearing them. The winter time for me is about staying comfy and cozy- without looking like I just rolled out of bed.


A basic black sweater goes so far in the fall/winter. Think little black dress, but little black sweater.. Unlimited Possibilities!

#5. has cool affordable clothing. This mustard felt hair pin can also double as a brooch to spice up a blazer from a previous season.


Scarves are a great way to stretch your closet; The Accessories Nook on Etsy has a variety unique handmade scarves.


I love this nail polish for fall from I’m thinking of pairing this with metallic gold polish on one nail.


This knit hat would be great to keep those ears warm on a night-time adventure with friends.

#9. has this mustard yellow peacoat on sale for $25 dollars right now- It is a must have while it is still that price!

What do you think about the items here? Are there any fall items out there that you have your eyes on online or in-store? Leave your comments please :)


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