To Do's

the to-do’s of January

Austin TX

A new year means a list of to-do’s.

1. Try a new dinner recipe

2. Get the apartment more organized

3. Read a new book

4. Take a relaxing bubble bath (or 2 or 3!)

5. Eat at a new restaurant in Austin

6. Start the switch to cruelty free makeup

7. Start baby shopping =)

What made your list this month?

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Dream Spaces, Moving, and Spring Cleaning!

This has been one of the most insane weeks that I have had in a long time. My husband and I decided to stick to being true procrastinators and move an entire apartment worth of our stuff in only 2-3 days. Now all I can see far and wide in our new house is boxes, boxes and more boxes. To relieve my stress of course I turn to Pinterest and begin to look up beautiful living spaces. Rooms that would inspire both Chase and myself to get up and do things, a house that we would love to entertain in. :)

Heres what I came up with…

livingroomI am such a huge fan of hard wood floors- I love a simple space.

kitchenNatural Light>>>>>>

homeofficeOkay, this would be perfect for my etsy shop.

Laundry roomThis won’t come for a while in our house, but a girl can dream.

bathroomHis and hers bathroom.. my husband would love the masculinity. Ours is pink and green at the moment, which I don’t think he appreciates.

bedroomWe just got a sleigh bed. Something I have wanted my entire life.

I can not wait to get the renovations under way. Stay tuned for our updates to the inside and outside of our house! I will be posting plenty of organization and renovation tips for you guys.



Click HERE to see the sweet potato pie I made back in the fall. It’s always the right time for pie ;)